YourPassion1st is an International coaching & mentorship platform focused on helping under-resourced young adults overcome adversity, and earn money in the area of their passion.

Through art, music, entertainment, sports, and culinary, YourPassion1st envisions a world where all young adults are inspired to find, define, and follow their passion into the workforce. Young Adults in under-resourced communities are challenged in achieving their dreams due to a lack of resources, support, and inspiration. We help young adults succeed through project-based learning, as they learn their value, build their confidence and recognize their innovative instincts and hidden talents.

Our Workforce Readiness Workshops, Festivals, & Events are transformative, collaborative, and entertaining, while our podcast series captivates listeners. You’ll hear a cross-pollination of fresh perspectives, layered with empowering stories from industry leaders and everyday people who have overcome adversity to follow their passion. Ultimately, we believe that inspiring young adults will cause a ripple effect, transforming families and improving communities, while influencing the next generation of youth.  Your support helps create life-changing experiences.


It’s been a breath of life in such a lifeless time in the world; putting YourPassion1st is more than a non-profit, it’s a way of life – Keishjuan Owens (Young Ambassador, Chicago USA).

Young ambassadors unite underserved communities from around the world, ready to embark upon an unforgettable journey. TYAIP cultivates personal wellness, professional skills building and self-empowerment by the execution of challenging projects. Young Ambassadors will develop their own individual YourPassion1st pitch project, develop a team project along with their international counterparts, help to create the YP1 summer conference, and produce key components to the seven-day MCH International Weekend & Workforce Readiness Music Festival! 

Even more exciting, Young Ambassadors who complete the program will be invited to attend the YP1 International Summer Travel event, where they will work on various projects, meet and greet. Your support helps fund these life-changing, transformational experiences.

Over the course of the program, Young Ambassadors discover more about who they are, what they’re most passionate about and how to turn their passion into lucrative and rewarding careers. We are proud to have a dedicated team of Ambassadors and near-peer mentorships, offering support during workshops, encouraging mental fortitude and focus on off days, while answering questions and concerns throughout the program. In addition, we are fortunate to have clinical experts in the areas of mental health, as well as leading international professionals in art, music, entertainment, sports/wellness and culinary/nutrition.



Principles of Passion Podcast is focused on bringing on guests that have overcome adversity while finding, defining, or following their passion. Two of the greatest systemic issues in our country today are the employment and achievement gaps amongst minorities.

By captivating our audience with relatable anecdotal stories of achievement through adversity by folks of varying backgrounds, our platform is focused on inspiring under-resourced communities, as we connect them to folks “like them,” they may have otherwise not had the opportunity to meet.


Experience a direct difference in realizing your goals as attendees work on finding, defining, and following their passion. Our festivals, workshops, and events inspire you to explore the endless possibilities that align with your passion. You will have the opportunity to hear from industry leaders, as well as participate in transformative learning exercises, demonstrations, and discussions.

Our goal is to help you experience new things as well as old things from a new perspective in a transformative, collaborative, and entertaining setting.





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